martes, 3 de agosto de 2010

Monica Sanz's Notes: Warriors in Tokyo!

Monica acaba de escribir hace escasas 7 horas. Os dejamos con lo que ha dicho ^^

I couldn’t imagine how far you can go,

Grabbing your strength you’re dragging me to the show,

All your plaudits, all your minds,

It’s much more precious that money and fame,

Can’t wait till our next time,

When you bring me back to a stage.

You did it again, make me ask myself: “How can this happen to me?”

It’s mad!Warriors in Tokyo streets! Super Kawaii!

I wake up this morning thinking about this is a dream within a dream! But it’s not and now I’m full of energy to follow thank you to you!Today is Harajuku time! Where the catwalk got its claws.

This is a picture of me right now, lunching and so fascinated after my last visit to Yohji Yamamoto and Shu Uemura stores!

Oops! I don’t forget, I think somebody should have photos of me performing yesterday night! Would you like to see?

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